Connecting vulnerable communities with engineering and technology.

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1. The gap in access to technology is increasing

We listen to the communities that have fewer opportunities for technological progress due to implementation difficulties related to the region they live in.
The main problem is that the access to technology is not viable in certain areas, cannot be adapted to the local environment, and is not sustainable over time.
Social Solver wants to bridge this gap so that any community, regardless of its circumstances, has access to the best technology for them. We want to ensure that technology remains the foundation for their development.

2. Emerging technologies are crucial

Social Solver offers access to technological innovations that are transforming our world, especially emerging technologies like renewable energies, sustainable systems, Big Data, and AI. These elements are crucial to addressing the pressing challenges that both humanity and the planet are facing.

3. Digital transformation to solve problems

Engineers play a vital role in addressing basic human needs, fighting poverty, promoting safe and sustainable development, responding to emergencies, rebuilding infrastructures, bridging knowledge gaps and promoting intercultural collaboration. We focus on efficiently connecting engineering with social issues through our digital platform.
Following UNESCO’s steps, Social Solver aims to transforming engineering in such a way that it becomes more innovative, inclusive, collaborative and responsible in order to connect social needs with technological innovations.


Prototype Honduras project

In this video you can see how the prototype designed by Karl Grimsehl works and how it helps local fishermen

In Social Solver we offer our knowledge in innovation challenges and projects
for the creation of solutions to problems arising from all types of social needs.

You can contact us to collaborate with our projects or join the platform as a
solver to help resolve challenges and participate in different projects.