If you are an engineer, provide solutions to real life problems in the world.

Come up with solutions to change the world.

If you work in engineering, take interest in technology and believe that with your knowledge you can help solve real life problems to improve the lives of vulnerable communities, join Social Solver.

Types of projects in which you can collaborate

  • Photovoltaic installation solutions in off-grid areas
  • Modular and fast-built homes
  • Water sanitation networks
  • Water purification
  • Irrigation systems
  • Digital systems for education
  • Small industries
  • Circular economy projects
  • Environmental impact reduction projects
  • And much more...

What does it mean to participate in Social Solver?

See how your solutions have a social impact in the world and help vulnerable communities in need.

What will be the result of your help?

The results of the challenges published in Social Solver are financed by companies for their implementation, together with the support of volunteers who can work in the dedicated field.

Who can participate?

Whether you are a student or a professional and have technical knowledge of photovoltaic solutions, water treatment, home construction systems, digital technologies, mobility, etc, you can participate in our platform by contributing your solutions to the challenges given out.

Do you have doubts?