The multisectoral alliance that revolutionizes development cooperation
from open access to technological innovation

Social Solver identifies and launches technological projects that result in projects
with a great social impact. We address these projects comprehensively and on a larger scale,
enabling the access to innovation for the most vulnerable communities.

  • Social Solver is the platform that connects the needs of themost vulnerable communities on the planet with the skills and knowledge of professionals, regardless of their location.

  • The Social Solver network of startups, engineers and research centers, provides solutions to challenges in areas like energy, water, education, infrastructures, ICTs, mobility, etc. They can easily adapt to local contexts with the aim of helping to improve the lives of the most disadvantaged.

  • Social Solver was born after listening to communities with no sustainable access to technological innovation. We are convinced that engineering can help achieve a highly positive impact through projects that transform people's lives.

  • Therefore, we invite you to learn more about how you can collaborate.

Active challenges you can collaborate on

Become a social solver

Whether you work in engineering or you are a company or startup, help us solve the problems of the most vulnerable communities using technology.

🎯 Provide solutions to social challenges

Participate in and solve challenges by using your talent to create solutions adapted to the area.

🚀 Participate in cooperation projects

Live the experience of solving real problems of disadvantaged communities throughout the world.

👋 Connect with other members

Share your knowledge in technology and innovation through our platform of open innovation.

Support the Social Solver platform

Companies, foundations, cooperation organizations and governments can collaborate by providing resources for the development of challenges and projects

✅ Propose or select projects

Select challenges, projects, or bring a project depending on the countries or regions where you operate.

💡 Fund and collaborate on projects

Support with funding or by bringing volunteers that work on the projects to create social impact

🔁 Make a visible contribution

Through the Social Solver platform and its communication channel, you can give isibility to your sustainability reports or your ESG / CSR reports.


  • Vision: To make the world a better place by sharing technologies and global talent.
  • Mission: To contribute to the resolution of the great social challenges in the most vulnerable communities using innovation and the best technological talent in the world.


  • Commitment to the right of access to innovation and technology for all people, leaving no one behind.
  • Transparency with all the actors that participate in the platform and with the communities.
  • Access to global knowledge as the basis for progress.
  • Multi-sector partnerships as a necessary and multiplier mechanism for transformation Social.